I feel modern technology is vital to the advancment of our educaiton system. As educators, we owe it to our students to prepare them for the challenges they will face as members of society.

I have experience with a variety of technology including, but not limited to: quicktime, imovie, Google suite, Snip, Camtasia, Screen-O-Matic, Watson, Spark Video and post, Thinglink, powtoons, socrative, Plickers, snag-it, and Wix. for a list of technology that I have used, click the link. Wordpress

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E-Learning Authoring tools
CourseSites is an LMS  from the creators of Black Board. The site is great for e-learning based course. to log into a course I helped create select the image on the left and use the following: username: etecsample password:ETEC648
Spark Video
This mobile app and website by adobe allows users to create videos with images, music, and text. It can be utulized for introductions and quick lessons.
Reflector2, iMovie, and Camtasia
similar to Spark video it allows users to create short video, with the added benefit of cartoon animation. Unlike spark video it is only online and less user friendly
I used Reflector 2 to mirror my phones screen on to my computer. Then I used Imovie to record myself giving a tutorial on how to compose an email using the mobile gmail app. I used Camtasia to add animation, re-record my narration, and edit the video. Finally, I used the closed caption feture on youtube to make the video accessible to the hearing impaired.

Technology for students

While taking instructional technology courses I have been exposed to a variety of technology, some of which is best suited to teach concepts to students, but not easily accessible by students. I have also found other technology that is easily accessible to students. Encouraging students to use technology in class better prepares them for life outside of school. The four images on the left are hyperlinked to technology students could use to display their knowledge.  

Websites I Designed

The purpose of my instructional design project was to create educational resources for teachers who want to teach Latin American history with Technology.

In EDUC 605, my group was challenged with creating our ideal school. After gathering input from my group, I created a website for our ideal school by encorporating what I learned about design.
ID Project
Dream School